Keith English

From Directing a British Academy Award nominated TV show, to winning Best Commercials Film Director in Belgium in 2012, Keith has won many awards for his idiosyncratic, exciting, dramatic and funny approach to Film.

Whether it's writing his own screen- plays or adapting and directing other people's material, Keith is known for his strong narrative sense and ability to work well with actors.

However he is best known as an established and respected international commercials director with an eye for the unusual and a strong cinematic style.

Please take a look....

THE BAD MOUSTACHE. No CGI involved in the making!! (OCT 2015)

MAASLANDER. Busy Mum, rushing out... doesn't forget a thing?! (OCT 2015)

OPERATION 'OLX-ATION'. A New Series of commercials for OLX (SEPT 2015)