‘The Beach’ Series Update

A belated congratulations to ‘ THE BEACH’ creator and lead writer, CALEB RANSON for the outstanding success of the adaption of ‘AROUND THE WORLD IN 80 DAYS’, starring DAVID TENNANT which has been airing worldwide during 2022.

The big ‘THE BEACH’ news is esteemed actress and writer, MEERA SYAL has been officially attached to play a character called DEEMA – one of the leads in the series.

As Meera will be the first to testify, it’s a strange, complicated relationship when you’re Indian and in love with the quintessential English seaside while at the same realising that some of these resorts are also the whitest, most racist parts of the country.

Along with Caleb, ‘THE BEACH’ team of writers are LUCY PORTER and SIAN HARRIES