Aurra Studios

Velvet Producer Claire Cottrell has been made Head Of Global Operations of podcast company, Aurra Studios;

“Aurra was founded in 2020 and is based in London, New York and LA. We create, monetise and distribute audio entertainment at scale, and develop IP for TV and streamed entertainment, globally.”

Claire is working alongside CEO Mark Popkiewicz and a whole team of luminaries from various broadcast media – such as BBC, ITV, A&E Networks, NBC, BBC Worldwide and Audioboom.

They’re already producing notable podcast series such as Don’t Mind Me with International Star M├Ądchen Amik, The Divorce Social with comedian Samantha Bains and American Dreamers with broadcaster Claire Clottey…

…and there’s more to come! All of Aurra’s podcasts can be found wherever you download your podcasts.