The Ape In The Room

49, an impressive facility in the heart of the New Forest, is a new Innovation Centre, that aims to combine open innovation with business know-how and tech savvy in order to tackle age-old social problems.  It will comprise of three ‘academies’ tailored to digital innovation, business expertise and social enterprise and it will also be the home of a new skills and talent incubator.

Velvet Pictures was commissioned to cover the launch of the facility as well produce sound and visual ‘atmospheres’ for various locations around the building. Alongside this, artists such as  Mike Turner  and Andy Baerselman were invited to exhibit some of their work throughout by Coastal Gallery; hence the gorilla in the room!

Velvet worked alongside graphic design and digital marketing designers, Cloud Ten on producing two ‘beauty’ promos of the facility and four social media and online commercials for early 2019.

The two beauty promos were shot by Media students from Brockenhurst College, along with drone pilot Simon Wythe (DesireRC).  The launch was covered by experienced crews from Fry Films and the original music suite was composed by Steve Bowles.